Monday, May 9, 2011

Agenda for Day One of The Wild Things Unit

The Wild Things

Essential Questions

Is it possible to please everyone all the time and should we try to?

Is it always a good thing to get what you want?

What do the characters in The Wild Things teach us about love and loneliness?

How does Max begin to understand himself when he’s lost?

What do the characters’ relationships in The Wild Things teach us about our own relationships?


Introduce the essential questions, thematic ideas, and general information on The Wild Things unit.


I. Do Now

II. Agree/disagree handout

III. Fishbowl discussion

IV. Book & Unit introduction

V. Homework assignment

VI. Final thoughts/last words

I. Do Now-grab handouts, find seats, clear desk except for handouts. (5 minutes)

II. Read the statements on the agree/disagree handout and mark whether you agree or disagree with each statement. Select three of the statements and explain why you disagree or agree with them on the back of the handout. (20 minutes)

III. In the fishbowl discussion, five students will sit in the middle of the room, pick a number and then discuss their thoughts on the corresponding statement from the handout for five minutes. Everyone in class will have a turn in the fishbowl. (45 minutes)

IV. Book & unit introduction-The Wild Things will be introduced briefly as will things to think about while we are reading. Expectations for the unit will be outlined (see due dates handout) (15 minutes)

V. For homework, complete the thematic terms handout.

VI. Final thoughts, last words, questions. (5 minutes)


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  2. This seems like a good start to your new unit. I would suggest though that you add more differentiation, particularly for your special needs students. Will they complete the same assessments?